The Traditional Veil… is it still “IN”? Christina Mays – 27 Dresses Designs


I recently met with my friend and bridal accessory designer, Christina Gillies Mays.  She is one talented lady!  Together our conversation is effortless and fun.  I feel like I’ve known her my whole life.  Her business 27 Dresses Designs was founded August 2012 after a friend asked her to create something unique for her Peacock Themed wedding.  YAY! How exciting… but she only had a week to prepare.  She certainly pulled it off though.  The girls looked beautiful.  Now, 27 Dresses Designs is growing from exclusive hair accessories into purses, sashes and other gorgeous statement pieces.

When chatting with Christina, I asked her what the new trends are.  “Color!  More color… brides want to be unique!” she said in a matter of fact way.  “Traditional veils don’t seem to be completely out of style but brides want a little something extra.  They want something traditional for the ceremony then a distinctive headpiece for the reception.  And of course, birdcage veils are huge right now.”

Christina’s designs start at only $15 for bridesmaids and $50 for the Bride and can be purchased at her Etsy Shop or by calling her at 219-331-4360 for your personal consultation.