Planning a Wedding in 3 Months - Anna & Doug

Photo by Lauren Albanese Photography

This was my first wedding of the 2013 season and one of my absolute favorites. Anna called me in a panic about 3 months before her wedding. She needed help in a big way. I see this time and time again with today’s brides. They believe they can handle the pressure of going to school, working full time and sometimes even taking care of children while planning the wedding of their dreams. Then… BAM! The day is upon them and they are super stressed out by the time they call me. That’s what I am here for! I can ease the stress and help make things run smoothly. So, In true AKM fashion we decided to take videos of our progress. It was so much fun and the final product was so cool thanks to the awesome editing skills of the fabulous Christina Mays of 27 Dresses Designs. She just happens to be my BFF too 

The planning process went extremely smooth because Anna knew exactly what she wanted and Doug just wanted his future wife to be happy. We suggested some great vendors to her and she chose some of the best around! 27 Entertainment provided live ceremony music in addition to entertainment at the reception. Lauren Albanese caught stunning poses to compliment her vintage theme and Jenna of Four Lady Events certainly did her thing with Anna’s lovely hair & makeup.  27 Dresses Designs made an exquisite custom hair comb using some pieces of her grandmothers veil that went perfectly with her lace gown. However, there are things that any wedding planner cannot control, like the weather! It was July and we were praying that we wouldn’t get another scorcher as her setting was outdoors. And, we had definitely planned for the worst. Parasols…check, coolers with cold drinks on the beach…check, extra ice at the reception site…check! What a beautiful plan Anna had, a sweet beach ceremony and a quaint backyard reception. Did I mention her backyard faced Lake George? It was simply gorgeous!!!

The day started out super perfect. Not too cold and not too hot. Anna was running late as usual, Haha! One of her charming quirks. I remembering mentioning to her that her guests are waiting for her on the beach so we should get moving. Anna looked at me with a smile, shrugged her shoulders and sweetly said “I know my family will just say…eh, typical Anna!” We all laughed because we knew it was true. But, she was worth the wait! Anna looked stunning when she was ready.  Doug was going to pass out when he saw her. Our perfect day went on and Anna was finally on her way to the ceremony (about 40 minutes behind schedule). THEN…the wind shifted and the clouds rolled in. I called ahead to my assistants who were setting up at the beach. They were in a panic because it was about 45 degrees with wind gusts up to 40 mph. How were they going to get the canopy up in these crazy winds? Well, recruit some burly cousins to help of course. Uhhhh! Four grown men could not handle this monstrosity! It was taking them away like a parasail.  Back at the reception area I was waddling around trying to set up all of the guest tables by myself. Did I mention I was almost 8 months preggers? Yes, I was definitely waddling! The linens were flying around, décor was flying off of the tables and I was chasing most of it down the hill near the shore line. This was JULY, are you kidding? We thought we would be battling a 90 degree day not…THIS!

Finally, reinforcements were here!!! We finished all of our details and just in time. The bride and groom were on the pontoon boat ready to pull up to the pier. When Anna and Doug got off the boat hand in hand, it was evident that the weather didn’t matter. Family, love and laughter was clearly the theme of this beautiful occasion. What a magnificent day it turned out to be!

Scroll through some of our favorite shots below. And don't miss the videos of some of our planning fun during this process.