My Dream Wedding: A Planner’s perspective


Just like every bride, planning my own wedding seemed like a daunting task.  I was extremely overwhelmed with the process, especially the budget!  I was marrying an accountant, and he was tracking every penny.  We kept it small and intimate, only our close friends and family.  With a Mexican/Greek Wedding this was not so easy.  Our small affair still totaled about 160 guests.
It was a beautiful event in my eyes.  The 1940’s themed wedding displayed extravagant table linens, butler passed hoers d’ oeuvres,  tall rich centerpieces, and Sinatra crooning in the background as we all sipped champagne.  The men sported pinstriped suits and black fedora hats while the ladies looked stunning in their chic “flapperesque” dresses.  The menu, which was my top priority, allowed us to feast on beef tenderloin with scallops, garlic smashed potatoes and a Provencal ratatouille with a Cabernet reduction.  It was exquisite!  We danced, we laughed, and we sipped martinis all night! Then we finished the night with a midnight snack of Andouille sausage corn dogs and mini Kobe burgers with mini bags of popcorn.  Needless to say no one left my wedding hungry! My guests seemed to have a great time and I was pretty proud of what I had planned.  What I am most proud of however, is that I stayed within my 15K budget.  How did I do that you ask?  Well it definitely helped that my new penny pinching husband was watching like a hawk!
First and most important, Utilize your resources!  Enlist your wedding planner and your close creative friends.  I’m not saying to ask Aunt Josephine who makes good strudel to take a stab at creating a four tier rolled fondant cake that you saw in a magazine. But, chances are your best friend who loves to dabble in design may have the perfect centerpiece idea for you.  Your wedding planner will know of promos and specials from local vendors and can even score a vendor discount in most cases!  Your wedding planner will keep you on track for your budget and keep you stress free to enjoy your day!
Second, determine your budget and stick to it!  Ask yourself…what are my “must haves”?  Set aside the amount you are willing to pay for those important items but, be realistic about it.  It will be impossible to blow half the budget on flowers and still expect to feed your guests a decent meal.  There are ways to borrow from other areas of the budget for your “must have” items.  Again, your wedding planner can help you with this.

Third, remember that the details do matter!  The little things are what people will remember the most.  If you can’t afford huge, extravagant fresh flower centerpieces, think outside the box!  Candelabras make beautiful centerpieces.  Candles and votives create a soothing ambiance and you can still incorporate a small amount of flowers.  If you can’t afford the expensive linens, choose a solid floor length table cloth in a dark color to create a sleek look against the candlelight.  You can even choose a colored napkin for a pop of color to match your theme.  A simple solid box with a pretty bow is and inexpensive favor.  Fill it with your favorite candy for a little edible gift for your guests.
Voila!  You can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.  Happy Planning!
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