How to Enhance Your Eye Color

Every bride wants to be pampered on her wedding day.  We want to look and feel beautiful for the thousands of photos that are to come throughout the day.  OK, who’s kidding who?  We all secretly wish we could have our own personal makeup artist every day!! At least, I do.  If I could carryKrissy VanderwoudeAlex Garcia or Melissa Marshall in my purse, I totally would.  I am lucky to get a brush through my hair and a quick swipe with my mascara wand before my crazy day starts.  However, I am so blessed to know some of the best in the business and they have agreed to share some tips with my readers.

Today we will start with the fab Krissy V!  Here is what she has to share!

a little about me:

I have been working as a makeup artist in Chicago, Northwest Indiana & the surrounding suburbs for more than 13 years. During that time I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most recognized photographers, agencies, crews and talent. This has allowed me the opportunity to create looks for people of all skin tones, skin types, all ages and ethnicity’s. I’ve been given the chance to do makeup in most areas of the entertainment industry, including T.V.(i.e., The “Jenny Jones” show), print, and video. I specialize in makeup for weddings, which I love because it’s an honor to be a part of someone’s important day. In addition to all of that, I am a trained and certified MAC artist, as well as a licensed esthetician. I worked at a retail location as a MAC artist for 6 years, and am currently a part of the MAC cosmetics freelancing team. I continue to further my education on a constant basis & am always taking courses that will help me grow as an artist.

enhancing your eye color:

  • When women have blue eyes, that they would like to make “pop”, the best color choices for the eyes would be the following: warm & rich brown tones (with an undertone that reminds you more of milk chocolate, than dark chocolate), gold, & peachy tones.  For instance, try MAC’s “Samoa Silk” on the lid, with “Saddle” in the crease (for a daytime look) & pop a little “Swiss Chocolate” in the outer corner to kick it up a notch for night time.  Use a rich brown eye liner, such as “Costa Riche” or “Teddy” by MAC, and rim the eyes.  Finish with a few coats of your favorite black mascara & VOILA!

  • To make the brown of your eyes come forth and stand out, try using the following:  soft grey, silver, black, blue, purple, teal.  Try Chanel’s “Enigma” or “Smokey Eyes” palette, found here:  Use a black kohl eyeliner around the lashline & coat the lashes generously with mascara.

  • Green eyes look absolutely STUNNING & really stand out against the following shadow colors: Any shade of plum or purple will be your best friend if you have green eyes   You can also use cranberry or blackberry shades.  Some of my favorites are by MAC and are as follows:  “Fig 1″, “Sketch”, “Twinks”, “Star Violet”, “Folie”.  Try using MAC’s paintpot in “Painterly” and base out your entire lid, from lashline to brow bone (this is a cream shadow, that also doubles as a primer).  Use any of the above shadows mentioned & using the MAC #217 brush, blend the deeper shade into your crease and outer corner.  Take a bit of that same deeper color and use a smaller brush to smudge a little under the lower lashline.  Choose a nice plum eyeliner, such as MAC’s “Permaplum” or “Bordeuxline” & rim the top & bottom lashline.  Coat the lashes with black mascara.

  • Women with hazel eyes, you’re in luck!  There is pretty much no exclusion to what you can wear & can enjoy a wide spectrum of shadow shades due to many different flecks of colors in the eyes.  One of my personal favorite looks to do is a nice rich gold on the lid, such as Urban Decay’s “Half Baked”.  Also use the same gold color as a highlight and dab a bit in the inner corners of the eye (near the tearduct).  Then use a rich “red brown” in the crease, such as “Folie” or “Embark” by MAC.  Using gel based black eyeliner, such as “Blacktrack” by MAC, and an angled brush, draw a slightly winged liner along your top lashline.  I’m a big fan of lots of mascara, so load ’em up!

Thank you Krissy V.  Check out her website and schedule your trial today!